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Historical Fiction Book Giveaway

In order to show a little appreciation to my faithful readers, I am giving away three different historical fiction novels, all of which are hardcopy versions.  The entry is very easy.  Just leave me a comment below and let me know which book you are interested in winning and reading!  Open to US/Canada only. I will pick a winner of each book at the end of the week.  Winners will be notified via email and have 48 hours to respond.  Happy Holidays from The Book Binder’s Daughter!

Book #1: Neverhome by Laird Hunt

NeverhomeConstance is a farmer from Indiana who wants to see more of the world outside of her rural farm. She decides that fighting in the Civil War will give her this chance. Her husband Bartholomew would not be a good soldier and so she decides that she will make the sacrifice and march off to war and fight for her country in his place. She puts on the Union uniform, hides her feminine qualities and in this disguise travels down south to the heart of the battleground where she takes on the name of Ash Thompson.  Read my full review here


Book #2: Juliet’s Nurse by Lois Leveen

Juliet's NurseI enjoy stories that are retellings of classics, so I was delighted when I had the chance to review a book that narrated the Romeo and Juliet story from the nurse’s point of view.  This story begins with Angelica and her husband Pietro who are peasants living in 14th century Verona.  Although they are poor, they love each other dearly and have had a wonderful life raising 6 boys.  When the plague claims the lives of all of their children, they think they will never have the chance to rear another.  Read my full review here.


Book #3: Gutenberg’s Apprentice by Alix Christie

Gutenberg's ApprenticeWe all take for granted the written word, especially in the 21st century when not only are physical books readily available but so are books in electronic form.  In Muniz, Germany in the 15th Century an Elder by the name of Gutenberg had a crazy and obsessive idea of finding a way to mass produce books instead of having them laboriously copied by hand through scribes.  Peter is one such scribe and is recalled from his scribal duties in Paris at a monastery by his foster father.  Peter’s foster father, with whom he has been living since the age of 10, wants Peter to become Gutenberg’s apprentice as Gutenberg works on his new printing press.  Fust, Peter’s adoptive father is a merchant who has heavily invested in Gutenberg’s new invention.  Read my full review here.


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Indie and Small Press Author Blog Hop


Blog Hop 5

This year I have had the tremendous good fortune to connect with so many wonderful authors.  I thought that it would be a nice idea to co-host a blog hop that is just for Indie and Small Press authors so they can showcase their writing and allow readers opportunities to win lots of great books.  Today I am giving away a copy of Harry Patz’s Book The Naïve Guys AND a $25 Amazon Gift Card. Thanks to Harry for co-hosting this great event with me.

Here are some of my favorite Indie and Small Press Author Books.  A few of these authors are joining the blog hop!

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About The Prizes: Continue reading


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Review, Author Q&A and Giveaway: The Anonymous Blog of Mrs. Jones by Ellen Harger

I received an advanced copy of this book from the author.  I invite you to read my review, learn more about the author and enter to win your own copy.  Thanks for stopping by!

My Review:

Mrs. JonesSometimes we just muddle through our lives without ever reflecting on our happiness, or lack thereof.  It takes a catalyst for our neat little world to be rocked to its core and shake us out of our comfort zone.  This is exactly what happened to Gillian when a fire destroyed the home she shared with her husband.  They walked away with nothing but the clothes on their backs.  Ellen Harger’s descriptions of fire and its far-reaching destruction form some of the most eloquent prose in this book.

In the first part of the book, Ellen Harger shows us her talent in the writing of emotional and though-provoking images.  In the months that follow the fire, Gillian is depressed and does not seem to be recovering from the trauma of the fire.  She realizes, at this point, that she has never really been happy in her marriage and she wants out.  She asks her husband for a divorce, makes some new friends and tries to forge an independent and happier life.

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Indie and Small Press Author Blog Hop: Sign-Up Post

Blog Hop 5


Indie and Small Press Author Blog Hop Sign-up Post:
I am very excited to be teaming up with one of my favorite Indie authors, Harry Patz to bring you this blog hop. This particular blog hop is meant to help Indie and Small Press authors gain some attention for their books, past or present. Anyone who is self-published or published through a small press is welcome to participate. We also welcome bloggers who want to give some attention to their favorite Indie or small press authors.open_book_01


What is a blog hop and How Do I Participate?
A blog hop is a group of authors or bloggers who all do a giveaway on the same dates and readers can hop from site to site and enter lots of giveaways at once. You can sign up at on the linky at the bottom of this post by adding the link to your blog or website. On the dates of the blog hop please post the blog hop image, a description of your book or what you are giving away and an explanation of how readers can enter your giveaway. Click here for an example of what a blog hop post looks like.

Hop Rules:
Rules• You can give away a copy or copies (as many as you like) of your book or books in any format, book swag, or gift cards.
• Your giveaway should include the hop image & linky (or links to the host’s sites if you can’t get the linky to work).
• Please only 1 mandatory entry and no more than 6 total entries.
• Your post should be live by 9:01 A.M. EST on (date)
• Please no erotica, extreme horror or 18+ sites.
• We ask that once your giveaway is live AND accepting entries that you send us a direct link via email (magistrabeck@outlook.com) so we can update the linky.
• Please be sure to pick a winner on December 13th when the giveaway has ended and mail the prize to your winner.
• Please check the linky on December 5th to be sure you are still on the linky and that your link is accurate.
• We reserve the right to delete any blog from the linky that is inappropriate or does not follow the hop rules.

Sign Up:pen-hi

Click here to enter your link and view this Linky Tools list…

And to thank all of the authors and bloggers that have signed up to participate, your name will automatically be entered into a drawing to win a $50 Amazon gift card.  Thanks so much for your participation!

-Harry and Melissa


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Review and Giveaway: I Looked For the One My Heart Loved by Dominique Marny

Book Synopsis:
I Looked For The One - coverAnne and Alexis are separated by war as children and reunited later by destiny. A powerful and dramatic love story that spans decades in spite of its seeming impossibility.

Anne, 9, and Alexis, 11, grow up together in the Montmartre area of Paris. While she has a major crush on him, he merely sees her as his friend’s little sister. After WWII begins, the two are separated as their families flee Paris to avoid the German occupation. When they say goodbye, Alexis promises to always protect Anne.

Anne holds on to this promise for years as she constantly thinks of Alexis, wondering where he may be. Anne grows up, finds works in an art gallery, and marries a kind, devoted man with whom she has two children. But her heart still belongs to Alexis and she never stops looking for him. Their paths cross fatefully one day in Brussels many years after they were separated.

Alexis, living in Canada and soon to be moving to San Francisco, has a family of his own; a wife in constant depression and a son. Despite their responsibilities to family and the geographical distance that keeps them apart, Anne and Alexis find a way to love one another, secretly yet passionately.

But after all this time, will they ever manage to be truly together, completely? [provided by the publisher]

My Review:

This was a lovely book that spans forty years of life in Paris beginning in 1939.  When World War II begins, neighborhoods of families and friends are scattered throughout France.  The main character in the book, Anne, and her family flee to the countryside to live with her grandparents until the turmoil of German occupation settles down.  Anne who, at the time is 9 years old, is very upset to leave her brother’s friend Alexis on whom she has a childhood crush.

At first I thought that Anne’s fondness for Alexis, which she thinks back on throughout her adult life, was unrealistic.  How many of us carry a torch for someone whom they met as a child?  However,  the circumstances surrounding the chaos and destruction of World War II leave an impression on Anne.  Her thoughts of Alexis appear to be more than just a childhood crush; she looks back on the time she spent with him as one of peace and happiness before the war ushered in a period sadness, destruction and change.

Anne seems to be fond of her husband Francois, but he never is the great love of her life.  He is comfortable and takes care her and they have two wonderful children.  They never have anything in common beyond their family.  So when Anne meets Alexis again later in life, she is easily tempted to have an affair with him because of their immediate connection.  They share a past and memories of their old neighborhood of Montmartre and they both have a deep love and appreciation for art.

The author keeps us wondering until the end of the story if Anne and Alexis will ever be able to break free of their unhappy marriages and be together.  I LOOKED FOR THE ONE MY HEART LOVED is a great read for those who appreciate historical fiction set in Paris.

About the Author:
I Looked For The One - MarnyDominique Marny was raised in a family that loves art, literature, adventure and travels. In addition to being a novelist, she is a playwright, screenwriter, and writes for various magazines.  Watch the video below in which Dominique talks about her book and how Paris inspired its setting. 



The publisher is giving away one paperback copy to someone in the U.S. and one e-book to all other International entries. The giveaway is open until 9/14. Click on the link below to enter:


Thanks so much to France Book Tours for hosting another great tour. Please click on the banner below to see all of the stops on this tour and to view other ongoing tours:
I Looked For The One - banner


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