Indie and Small Press Author Blog Hop: Sign-Up Post

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Indie and Small Press Author Blog Hop Sign-up Post:
I am very excited to be teaming up with one of my favorite Indie authors, Harry Patz to bring you this blog hop. This particular blog hop is meant to help Indie and Small Press authors gain some attention for their books, past or present. Anyone who is self-published or published through a small press is welcome to participate. We also welcome bloggers who want to give some attention to their favorite Indie or small press authors.open_book_01


What is a blog hop and How Do I Participate?
A blog hop is a group of authors or bloggers who all do a giveaway on the same dates and readers can hop from site to site and enter lots of giveaways at once. You can sign up at on the linky at the bottom of this post by adding the link to your blog or website. On the dates of the blog hop please post the blog hop image, a description of your book or what you are giving away and an explanation of how readers can enter your giveaway. Click here for an example of what a blog hop post looks like.

Hop Rules:
Rules• You can give away a copy or copies (as many as you like) of your book or books in any format, book swag, or gift cards.
• Your giveaway should include the hop image & linky (or links to the host’s sites if you can’t get the linky to work).
• Please only 1 mandatory entry and no more than 6 total entries.
• Your post should be live by 9:01 A.M. EST on (date)
• Please no erotica, extreme horror or 18+ sites.
• We ask that once your giveaway is live AND accepting entries that you send us a direct link via email ( so we can update the linky.
• Please be sure to pick a winner on December 13th when the giveaway has ended and mail the prize to your winner.
• Please check the linky on December 5th to be sure you are still on the linky and that your link is accurate.
• We reserve the right to delete any blog from the linky that is inappropriate or does not follow the hop rules.

Sign Up:pen-hi

Click here to enter your link and view this Linky Tools list…

And to thank all of the authors and bloggers that have signed up to participate, your name will automatically be entered into a drawing to win a $50 Amazon gift card.  Thanks so much for your participation!

-Harry and Melissa


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19 responses to “Indie and Small Press Author Blog Hop: Sign-Up Post

  1. I’m looking forward to this! May I offer several copies of my book (e.g., 1 paperback, 3 e-books)? Does the limit of 6 entries refer to the giveaway tool? Should I post the giveaway on December 5th, or before that? As you can see, I have a few questions! 🙂 Thanks for your help–this should be fun.


  2. I am so glad you asked!!! You can give away as many copies of the book as you like!!! The limit of 6 entries refers to the giveaway tool. I find that if you make people do more entries than that it turns them away. You should post on Dec. 5th, but it you are ready the day before that is fine too! Let me know if you have any other questions!!!!

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  5. Please tweet me a reminder — I am hosting a full month of featuring Indie Writer’s in November running concurrent to my Sci Fi November Features & Reviews! I am launching the posts about both events before the weekend — slightly behind as October ended on a migraine 😦 I very much want to support the authors who will be featured on this blog hop so please don’t forget to tweet remind me! You’d be surprised what I forget — and I have a heap of notes to keep me in the loop! lol

    Indie Writers rock my world! 🙂 I hosted a LIVE author Q&A tonight for two hours on my blog (the comment threads are open still for comments & Qs for the author) — it was such a wicked convo! We talked about the book series itself as much as Indie Pub experiences and the challenges of getting your book not only published but out in shoppes & libraries! Truly stimulating! I am hoping more visitors will ask new questions throughout November. Meanwhile, I simply wanted to say — I cannot wait for your hop!


    • Thanks so much for your support, Jorie!!! It really means a lot to me and the Indie authors who are participating! They work so hard and I am glad to see these events that support them! Indie authors rock my world too. I will let everyone know about your conversation as well, sounds like a great idea/event.


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  7. Hi, I added my link but I didn’t see where to list the giveaway items. Are you doing a single rafflecopter for the whole blog hop or do you want us to each do our own on our site?


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  9. Coming up! Super excited 🙂 Thanks again, Melissa!

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  12. scheduling my post for tomorrow. Have you thought of using a twitter hashtag? that might be good to spread the word, just a thought, let me know


  13. Great idea!! Any suggestions for a hashtag??


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