Mini Reviews for September

September 2nd is a big publication day for lots of great books.  I thought I would do a mini review of some interesting books that will be published this week:

Feast for ThievesFeast For Thieves by Marcus Brotherton is an historical novel set in Texas in the late 1940’s.  Rowdy Slater is a World War II veteran that is trying to find employment and fit back into society.  When he ends up in Cut Eye, Texas under suspicious circumstances the local sheriff offers him a deal: serve as the reverend for the local church for a year.  Rowdy rarely goes to Church, so he is stunned when he finds himself preaching the Bible and leading a church community.  This is book is a page turner that includes bank robberies, high speed car chases and plenty of bad guys.  Brotherton has written an entertaining novel that is also thought-provoking.


10:04: A Novel is one of the most unique books you will probably ever read.   It not only contains elements of literary fiction, but also interweaves throughout the story poetry, short story, 1004 A Novelphilosophy, children’s fiction, and, I suspect, autobiography.  The main character in the novel is an unnamed author, living in New York City and enjoying literary acclaim after the publication of his first novel.   Despite the success of his career, he struggles with a serious medical diagnosis and his best friend has just asked him to donate sperm so she can have a baby.  Ben Lerner shows us a man who contemplates his past as he struggles to figure out his future while living in a big city in the early 21st century.  The title of the novel is a clever reference to the popular 80’s movie “Back to the Future.”


Code Name Nanette is loosely based on real women who went undercover for the Allies to spy on the Germans during World War II.  When the book begins, Nanette is an octogenarian living Code name nanettein a nursing home in Canada and she describes in great detail her time spent as one of these spies.  She poses as a prostitute in France who services German officers.  While she seduces the soldiers she learns important military secrets that she communicates back to the allies.  As you can imagine, many parts of Nanette’s story are erotic and this book is definitely not rated “G.”  However, I do think it is a good historical fiction read and the erotic parts of the story serve to help the reader understand Nanette’s story.

*I received advanced copies of all of these books from the publishers through Fresh Fiction. To read my full reviews of these books and more, click here.


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4 responses to “Mini Reviews for September

  1. I’ve heard interesting things about 10:04. I’m still on the fence about reading it, but I will keep my eyes open for more about it.


  2. It’s very different. I thought it had a solid storyline, but at times got a big bogged down with trying to use so many different genres.


  3. “10:04” seems original and captivating…
    I like the way you reviewed these books. Briefly and yet so assertively.
    Thank you. Best wishes, Aquileana 🙂


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