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Thieving Magpie: The Artwork of Sunandini Banerjee

Regular followers of my website may have noticed a bit of a remodel in the last few day.  I am so thrilled to feature the artwork of Sunandini Banerjee who is the multi-talented editor, translator and graphic designer at Seagull Books.  She designs all of those stunning covers that we are used to seeing from Seagull Books.  I purchased three of Sunandini’s pieces and she has graciously agreed to let me also use one of the prints as the background to my website.

I put a lot of time and effort into making my site visibly pleasing and inviting.  I had been using stock images that I bought from a stock photo website  but I am so pleased to now feature artwork that is unique and has great meaning for me.  Suandini’s artwork can be viewed on the Seagull website: Seagullindia.

The image that currently occupies the background of The Book Binder’s Daughter is from a piece entitled “Come Back In Winter” and is part of Suandini’s Thieving Magpie collection.  This is a digital print on archival paper, 11.8″ x 14.5″, Edition of 7, 2010.

come-back-in-the-winterCome Back In Winter by Sunandini Bangerjee

I also purchased this print which will be most fitting to decorate the walls of my office.  This is a digital print on archival paper 17.7″ x 14.5″, Edition of 7, 2010:

cartography-02Cartography 02 by Sunandini Banerjee

The final piece that I purchased will be displayed on the walls of my newly decorated and reorganized book room.  This is a digital print on archival paper 11.8″ x 14.5″, Edition of 7, 2010:

love-and-deathLove and Death by Sunandini Banerjee


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