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Review: Make It Paleo ll by Bill Staley and Haley Mason with Caitlin Nagelson

I received a review copy of this beautiful cookbook from Victory Belt Publishing.

My Review:

Make It Paleo I have been following the Paleo/Primal lifestyle for quite a few years and one of the first websites that I found, and one that still continues to be my favorite for information and recipes, is Bill Staley and Haley Mason’s Primal Palate.  I am so excited to be reviewing their latest cookbook which is chock full of information on grain free cooking, delicious recipes and beautiful pictures.

When I received this cookbook I was in the mood to try something different with chicken.  Make It Paleo has a fantastic recipe for the perfect roasted chicken that is topped with a mouthwatering blend of
Roasted Chicken with Aromatic Herbs aromatic spices.  I made this as a Sunday dinner for my family and I thought I would have leftovers, but it was so good that we devoured it. I think that next time I will roast two chickens and use the leftovers to make the chicken salad recipe that is included in the book.

The next recipe I tried is the porcini crusted lamb chops.  We have recently discovered lamb and have been eating it atLamb with mushrooms least once a week. This recipe makes 10 lamb chops and once again the mushroom mixture is easy and simple to prepare.  The chops were absolutely delicious and even my 8 year old, extremely picky daughter, enjoyed the lamb.  I will be putting this on our regular rotation of weeknight dinners.

The final recipe I tried is the cauliflower crust vegetable pizza.  There are countless paleo recipes out there for making a grain free pizza crust using cauliflower and I have tried many of them.  But my crusts have always come out mushy and do not look or taste like they should.  I thought I would give Bill and Haley’s recipe a try since it had a few more ingredients that would hold the “dough” together.  In addition to the cauliflower, the recipe calls for a cup of Pizza with Cauliflower Crust arrowroot powder as well as a cup of parmesan cheese.  The pizza, I am delighted to say, was absolutely delicious.  My husband, who does not follow the paleo diet, also thought it was great.  I am so excited that Make It Paleo has saved pizza for this gluten/grain free cook!

If you are looking for a versatile cookbook with loads of fantastic recipes and gorgeous pictures then I highly recommend MAKE IT PALEO II.  Even if you do not follow the paleo lifestyle, there are many delightful recipes that everyone can enjoy.

For more information about Bill and Haley visit their website: http://www.primalpalate.com.

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