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Happy Holidays

Christmas MessageThis time of year is one to reflect on and learn from what the what the year has brought us.  Although I had been writing book review on various sites, this was the first year I decided to put my thoughts down in a specific place for people to read.  It is a daunting task, since one is essentially putting one’s thoughts, tastes and ideas in a very public place for the whole world to see.  Believe it or not, I have always been a naturally shy person so exposing my thoughts and a small piece of my life on a place like The Internet has been a great personal challenge.

My goal has been to spread the love of reading, connect with likeminded lovers of books, and to give away a few books in the process.  I could never have anticipated how much I would learn through this endeavor or make such meaningful connections that would enhance my life.  There are a few special people in particular whose acquaintance I have made through my blog for which I am eternally grateful.  Thanks to everyone who has made a comment, read a post or even picked up a book because of my recommendation.  May your holiday season be happy and merry and bright.  -Melissa


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