My Favorite Publishers:


New Vessel Press

New York Review of Books

New Directions

Persephone Books

Seagull Books

My Favorite Lit Blogs:

1st Reading

A Life in Books


Book Around the Corner

Caravana de recuerdos

Eiger, Mönch & Jungfrau

Far South Project

Finding Time to Write


Intermittencies of the Mind

JacquiWine’s Journal

Kaggsy’s Bookish Ramblings

Messenger’s Booker

Mookse and The Gripes

Rhys Tranter


The Untranslated

This Space

Tredynas Days

Wuthering Expectations

My Favorite Bookshop:

The Strand

13 responses to “Links

  1. Hi Melissa! So pleased to find this blog! I am a Greek and my debut novel is a fantasy set in Athens, an adventure of Greek myths and time travel. I will email you shortly to request a review. Thank you in advance for your kind consideration 🙂


  2. Daniel Abrahams

    Hi Melissa,
    What email could I send a review pitch in on? Thanks in advance.

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  3. Dear Melissa,

    Would you be prepared to read and review my latest book, ‘All Quiet on the Midwestern Plains; a Tale of Deception, Betrayal and Vindication’?

    It falls in the category of literary fiction, and describes academic skulduggery, romance, the activities of the American Nazi party and the vagaries of the Nebraska climate as all these affect a visiting Israeli academic and his family.

    The ebook is available for free download on 1 and 2 May. If you prefer, I can send you a PDF of the book, or even the paperback version, if you let me have your address.

    Looking forward to hearing from you,

    Dorothea Shefer-Vanson

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  4. Donald

    Hi Melissa, just discovered your blog and very happy to have come across it.

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  5. Ronnell Beaty

    Good morning, Melissa, I hope all is well… I came across your blog website online while searching for poetry book reviewers… Are you currently doing any reviews right now? Please let me know at your best convenience. Thank you kindly.

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  6. Am I correct in understanding that you are not taking books for review at this time?

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  7. Hello. By any chance, have you changed your position about not taking any books for review?

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