Winter Vocative: The Poetry of William Bronk

My mother and business partner/friend Ken do not like winter at all—the dark, the cold, the short days. I found two poems by William Bronk about the positives of winter in the hopes that it might change their minds….a little.

The First is “Winter Light” which reminds us that we can’t appreciate the light without the dark, which is a good metaphor for life as well:

We see light but we live in the cold and the dark
-----winters anyway. We are aware
that that isn't all there is. We wouldn't have 
it otherwise. How should we not know
and be alive, not be deprived? I saw
this afternoon the whiteness under the dark
clouds and rejoiced that we know the light as much
and even more from gone than when it is there.

And from the same collection, Manifest and Furthermore a poem entitle "Winter Vocative":

Broken sky-mirror,
blue-shadowed snow,
June is far now,

hold while you can; show
bare of branch
stark of stalk:

ache us to know.

That last line...."ache us to know."  Bronk captures what I love about winter, the interesting sky, the beautiful snow.  

Do you send poems or books or quotes to people in your life too?


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7 responses to “Winter Vocative: The Poetry of William Bronk

  1. These are wonderful, thank you so much! I am not familiar with this poet. Now I have some good winter poems to put in our poetry post in our front yard.

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  2. Daniel T Berne

    Love the winter poem. I am ordering his book. Thanks, Melissa!

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  3. Love both of those Melissa. Winter has positives too, and I may share these with my family as most of them claim to suffer from SAD!

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  4. Elaine

    I absolutely send quotes to my family and friends even tho I feel they regard me as a crazy eccentric at times. Thanks for reminding us that we need dark and light. I’m in Scotland and there is a glorious quality of light at the moment, gorgeous fireball sunrise and sunset and pink skies.

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