Review: Novel Journals and Word Cloud Classics from Thunder Bay Press

I received a box of beautiful and unique books and journals from Thunder Bay Press.  Their selection of journals and classic books make great gifts for those who love literature, writing and journaling.

Novel Journals:

Novel JournalAs a blogger I am always looking for journals in which to scribble my thoughts about books.  I have a scattered collection of notebooks and I was thrilled to receive the journals from Thunder Bay Press so I could better organize my reviews.  The sturdy, heat burnished covers ensure that the pages are not easily ripped and if I spill a beverage on the journal then the paper is still protected.

The durable nature of these journals, however, is not their most notable feature.  Each journal contains the lines of a famous novel in tiny print.  The lines of print serve as the lines one which to write in the journal.  This would make a fabulous gift for anyone who likes to write and appreciates classic literature.  Thunder Bay Press has a large collection of novel journals which include Pride and Prejudice, Jane Eyre, Great Expectations and TheJournal Text Adventures Huckleberry Finn.  To see a complete list of journals that are available please visit this link:

Word Cloud Classics:

Word Cloud ClassicsFor those of you familiar with my blog and my reading habits, 19th century British authors including Jane Austen and Charlotte Bronte are among my all-time favorites.  I fell in love with these authors when they were introduced to me in high school and I have read their books countless times over the years.  My own paperback copies of these books are tattered and well-worn.  But Thunder Bay Press has sent me new copies of Pride and Prejudice and Jane Eyre from their classics collection.  The unique feature of these books is their durability; each book contains a heat burnished and foil stamped cover with a word cloud taken from the pages of the book.  The copies of these books will last much longer than my old paperbacks and I delighted that they will last long enough for me to pass them along to my daughter.

To see a complete list of the Word Cloud Classics that are available please visit this link: Word Cloud Classics P and P

So, what are your favorite literary gifts to give the reader(s) in your life?  I would love to have more suggestions from other readers!

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  1. I gave my daughter EMMA in this journal format and she loves it. In fact I can see it on the couch across the room right now. Thanks for hosting the giveaway.


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